Coordinator Guidelines

The following guide has been created for 3MT coordinators at their respective universities.

University Registration

Ontario universities interested in participating must register by Thursday, January 18, 2018. The registration fee is $500 per school.

  • Register via Eventbrite (completed)

    • The registration link was emailed to Ontario Graduate Studies Deans and Provosts in mid-December
  • Each Ontario university may register one (1) eligible participant in 3MT Ontario. That participant is determined by the winner of their respective university event. If they are unable to attend 3MT Ontario, the runner-up becomes eligible.

Participant Information

The deadline to submit participant information and supporting media to York University is Thursday, April 5 via Required information and files include:

  • Participant information:
    • Name
    • University
    • Degree
    • Program
    • Contact information (email, cell phone number)
    • Supervisor(s) name
    • Proposed thesis or MRP title
    • 3MT presentation title
    • Brief profile (personal and/or research), preferably in the 3rd person and limited to 150 words or less
  • Supporting media:
    • Headshot photograph (original file size is preferred)
    • 3MT slide (slide must be formatted as a 16:9 PDF file)
Note: Please submit all information via our electronic form at the conclusion of your internal event:

Accommodations and OCGS Dinner

Rooms are available on campus at the Executive Learning Centre at the Schulich School of Business at a reduced rate:

  • $139 per room, per night plus HST based on single occupancy
  • An additional $15 fee per room, per night for double occupancy
    • The block number is 248932 to secure the reduced rate

Note: Guests must call in to book their hotel rooms directly at 416-650-8300 to receive the reduced rate.

The Executive Learning Centre at Schulich is also the location of the post-competition lunch, and is directly across from the Sandra Faire and Ivan Fecan Theatre (primary location of 3MT Ontario).

In coordination with the Council of Ontario Universities, York University will be hosting a dinner for Deans and university participants (voluntary attendance) at 5:30pm on Wednesday, April 18 in the Executive Learning Centre at the Schulich School of Business.

RSVP's will be sent in early April by the Council of Ontario Universities to Deans and to each university participant. At this stage, holding this date and time in your Dean's calendar would be appreciated.

Attending 3MT Ontario

  • Cover accommodation, travel, and meal expenses for their own competitors and University representative(s) (except for the post-competition lunch described below).
  • Attend the post-competition lunch.
  • Fully register for the competition by the deadline date.
  • Provide the host institution with media contact information for their region.
  • Provide the host institution with all required participant information by the deadline.
  • Provide the host institution with their University’s logo and the URL for their main internal competition web page.
  • Include a link to the Ontario 3MT website on their internal web pages.
  • Ensure that all competitors meet the eligibility requirements of the competition.
  • Ensure that all competitors understand and agree to abide by the rules of the competition.
  • Ensure that all competitors understand that it is their responsibility to seek advice should they have concerns about intellectual property or confidentiality.
  • Ensure that all competitors agree to be photographed, video-recorded, audio-recorded and/or transcripted, and that all competitors permit all of these to be presented in the public domain (e.g., in print, in audio, in video, on University websites, and on other social media sites).
  • Agree that the presentations at the Ontario 3MT competition may be live streamed during the competition.
  • Make all arrangements for the post-competition lunch for all competitors and their University representative (1 competitor + 1 University representative), judges, and VIPs (to be determined by Host university). Additional lunch tickets may be purchased for $35 each, and can be done through the Participant Registration Form or by emailing
  • Provide participating Universities with a list of nearby hotels/B&Bs with competitive rates, as well as recommended transit/parking options.
  • Coordinate a dinner for all competitors and their University representative the night before the event, in partnership with the Council of Ontario Universities.
  • Coordinate media coverage both locally and regionally.
  • Select and liaise with all judges.
  • Provide promotional materials for participating Universities’ use.
  • Update the competition manual to assist future host Universities.
  • Create a ‘host’ website for the Ontario competition.
  • Run the competition in accordance with published guidelines, and post videos with closed captioning of all presentations on the ‘Host’ website.

If you have any questions of require further information, please contact: